How to Back Up A MySQL Database With Java

In case you have wondered how to back up a MySQL database using Java code, here is one way to do it: This program uses the mysqldump command to create a backup of a MySQL database, and saves the backup to a specified directory with a timestamped filename. The program takes the following actions: Note… read more »

How to make Hazelcast’s cluster replication more resilient

Hazelcast is an open source in-memory data grid. It is written in Java and naturally it is popular for Java applications but not only. In simple words, Hazelcast is like a shared map which you can use across different web applications, each of which might be situated on different network nodes and use this map… read more »

How To Secure Your MongoDB Database Server on Ubuntu 14.04

The MongoDB database server is well-known for its unmatched capabilities for processing large NoSQL data. Its latest performance improvements are always under the spotlights and probably not a single MongoDB user has missed the recent news about the change of its default storage engine to the more powerful WiredTiger. At the same time, its security… read more »